Deptt. Of Oral Pathology & Microbiology

The key forte of this department is to unveil the clinical diagnosis by microscopic evaluation of the pathological tissues related to oral and maxillofacial region. Anti-tobacco counseling is done for the patients in conjunction with exfoliative cytology of varied premalignant lesions to aid early oral cancer screening. The department is teemed with a range of informative posters related to tobacco cessation and its adverse effects, charts and portraits depicting the clinical, radiologic and microscopic features of oral pathologies along with hard and soft tissue pathologic specimens projected for better understanding of the subject in a glimpse. The department is also concerned with the training of undergraduates in dental morphology (tooth carvings), oral embryology, histology and pathology - both at gross and cellular level.

Dr. Manveen Kaur - Professor
Dr. Priya Gupta - Professor