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Free Dental Checkup on 11 May in Police DAV Public School Patiala

Free Dental Checkup on 20th March, Department of Public Health Dentistry

Free Dental Screening Camp conducted at BSBP School and Oral Health Education given to School Children

Dental treatment Camp for SPECIAL CHILDREN at Army Cantonment Area

Luxmi Bai Institute of Dental Sciences & Hosptial, Patiala under the chairmanship of Sh. B.D. Gupta ji organized dental checkup & treatment camp at its campus on sirhind road, Patiala on 26/12/2016 & 27/12/2016 for the students of Govt. College of Physical Education, Patiala. A total of 115 students were examined out of which 58 were boys & 57 were girls. Complete oral prophylaxis, restorations & other dental treatments were performed free of cost.

Luxmi Bai Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital Sirhind Road Patiala, organized a complete free dental check up & treatment camp for J & K sports personals, coaches & students who had come for training/certified course at NIS Patiala. More than 50 sports persons were examined & treated for various dental aliments and were motivated and educated for maintaining Oral and Dental Health.

The camp was organized with the able gauidance of Sh. Bhagwan Dass Gupta ji chairman of the prestigious institute.