Deptt. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
This deptt. deals with all kinds of Surgerical problems of jaws and associated structures like impaction(third molar removal), Fractures due to trauma, jaw infections etc. Students are taught to extract tooth in this department.
Deptt. Of Prosthodontics
This deptt. Deals with all kinds of artificial substitutes of missing teeth. The treatment includes Complete dentures, Fixed partial denture (Bridge of Crown). Partial dentures. Latest Technique of implants (Replacing tooth with Titanium tooth) is also performed here with successful outcomes.
Deptt. of Orthodontics
This deptt. Deals with the treatment of all winds of mal aligned teeth of children. Irregular teeth of children are treated with Fixed braces or removable wires of latest techniques and world class companies.
Deptt. Of Pedodontia
Problems related to children which includes dental cares, infections milk tooth removal are dealt in this deptt. With latest painless techniques. For small children a playroom is made to make them fearless of dental procedures.
Deptt. Of Periodontia
This deptt deals with all kinds of gum diseases e.g. Pyrohea (decaying of gums). To give best treatment to patients latest equipments are available which restores the gums of the patients and in ware the efficacy and life expectancy of the tools. Implantology procedures along with their maintainence are also performed here with research oricutated techniques.
Deptt of Conservative dentistry
Restoring the decayed teeth with latest filling materials and treating the dead tooth is done in this deptt. Even the hopeless tooth can be tried to same with the latest equipments and methods in this deptt. Which removs the fear of removal of tooth.
Deptt of Oral medicine
This deptt. Deals with the diagnosis of the problems of the patients. Patients are screaned here with latest x-rays and other methods and their treatment is decided here to refer them to various departments for their treatments.
Deptt. Of Public Health Dentistry
This department is devoted to the provision of comprehensive oral health care at individual and community level. It deals with the organization of dental check-up and treatment camps among the deprived and remote sections of society, with due concern to the school children, thereby generating oral health awareness amongst them. A fully-functional and well-equipped mobile dental van is designed to meet the oral health needs of population at their doorstep. Students are trained to provide health education at camps and satellite centers by performing initial screening examination and promoting the art of prevention.
Deptt. Of Oral Pathology & Microbiology
The key forte of this department is to unveil the clinical diagnosis by microscopic evaluation of the pathological tissues related to oral and maxillofacial region. Anti-tobacco counseling is done for the patients in conjunction with exfoliative cytology of varied premalignant lesions to aid early oral cancer screening. The department is teemed with a range of informative posters related to tobacco cessation and its adverse effects, charts and portraits depicting the clinical, radiologic and microscopic features of oral pathologies along with hard and soft tissue pathologic specimens projected for better understanding of the subject in a glimpse. The department is also concerned with the training of undergraduates in dental morphology (tooth carvings), oral embryology, histology and pathology – both at gross and cellular level.